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The Ultra - Luxury Resort


Welcome to our curated selection of ultra-luxury resorts in Bali, Java, and Moyo Island, where opulence meets unparalleled experiences. Each resort is meticulously chosen to provide discerning travelers with the epitome of luxury, exclusivity, and indulgence. Explore our collection below and discover the essence of luxury travel redefined.

BALI – Java – Moyo island

Bulgari Resort Bali

Luxury Living & Lifestyle

Indulge in the height of luxury living at Bulgari Resort Bali, where sophistication meets unparalleled service. Perched on a cliff overlooking the Indian Ocean, this exclusive resort offers lavish accommodations, exquisite dining, and world-class amenities. Experience the epitome of luxury lifestyle at Bulgari Resort Bali.

Il Ristorante - Luca Fantin at the Bulgari Resort Bali

Opened in 2017, Il Ristorante – Luca Fantin at the Bulgari Resort Bali is an intimate 36-seat restaurant that serves creative interpretations of classic Italian cuisine blended with local, organic ingredients all paired with the refined techniques and the great creativity of Italian Resident Head Chef.

Il Ristorante - Luca Fantin
Il Ristorante - Luca Fantin

Wine Selections

Features 300 bottles of predominantly Italian wines and an excellent Champagne selection.


Luca Fantin

Chef Luca Fantin Known for his beautiful dishes and interpretations of classic Italian recipes.

Soori Bali

Romantic Destination

Escape to a romantic paradise at Soori Bali, where love flourishes amidst breathtaking landscapes and intimate settings. From private pool villas overlooking the ocean to candlelit dinners on secluded beaches, Soori Bali offers the perfect backdrop for romance and intimacy.

The list of the resort selections

Capella Ubud

Escape to a secluded jungle retreat at Capella Ubud, where luxury and nature intertwine in a tranquil haven of serenity.

Alila Villas Uluwatu

Experience sustainable luxury perched atop cliffs at Alila Villas Uluwatu, offering breathtaking views and eco-conscious indulgence.


Timeless elegance meets Balinese charm at Amandari, nestled in lush landscapes, offering serene luxury and cultural immersion.

Raffles Bali

Experience timeless elegance at Raffles Bali, where every moment is a celebration of refined sophistication.


Discover serenity and seclusion at Amankila, nestled amidst lush landscapes and overlooking the tranquil waters of the Bali Sea.

Mandapa, Ritz Calton Reserve

Rejuvenate in the heart of Bali's Ayung River valley at Mandapa, Ritz Carlton, where luxury meets holistic wellness and natural beauty.

Jumeirah Bali

Discover beachfront paradise at Jumeirah Bali, where pristine sands meet luxurious amenities, promising an unforgettable coastal escape.


Venture into untouched wilderness at Amanwana, a secluded luxury camp on Moyo Island, where adventure await amidst nature's beauty.


Uncover Java's cultural treasures at Amanjiwo, nestled near ancient temples and lush landscapes, offering understated luxury and rejuvenation.

Viceroy Bali

Welcome to Viceroy Bali, where unparalleled luxury meets the serene beauty of the Indonesian landscape. Nestled amidst lush tropical rainforests and overlooking the breathtaking Valley of the Kings, our resort offers an oasis of tranquility and sophistication.